Zeolit mineral buducnosti


The word zeolite comes from the Greek words "ZEO" (to boil) and "Lithos" (wall) which means that the wall of the key.

Represents the structure of the crystal lattice of which consists of tetrahedrons of SiO4 skeleton and AlO4 between which are formed channels and voids the size of 0,4μm filled related ions K +, Na +, Ca ++, … Owing to such structure of the zeolite also acts as a sponge, and has a strong adsorption power, a high capacity cation changes.

In the medical purposes is used exclusively crystalline zeolite clinoptilolite.


Zeolite clinoptilolite may give medical effects useful only if it is activated, regardless of the physical-chemical characteristics, which in its natural form possesses.

Why drink zeolit?

There are indications that zeolite has multiple benefits to human health, preventing the modern life we ​​are exposed to, and cleansing the human body from viruses, allergens, and calcium substances. It positively influences the immune system, energy and vitality and represents a great potential for the health of the whole organism..

Zeolite promotes the function of the immune system, alkalizes the body and neutralizes free radicals. The basic concept of treatment with zeolite is a positive effect in removing radioactive, carcinogenic and other harmful substances that damage the organism.

Zeolit: Mineral of the future

A brief overview of the results of scientific research and analysis of many renowned authors around the world.
Results of zeolites in medicine are based on research conducted by renowned scientists in the field of pharmacology medicine.

Why drink zeolit?

Evidence shows that the zeolite is of great contribution to the human body, it prevents a disease of modern men, women and children, who are full of toxins, viruses, allergens, carcinogens and other harmful substances that have a negative impact on immunity, energy and vitality. They represent a great danger to human health.

Zeolit is prevention

There are people who are daily exposed to great stress: managers, businessmen, emotionally and physically vulnerable who are more exposed to stress and damage caused by free radicals. Preventive consumption of the zeolite is a shield against the dangers which their life exposed


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Zeolit proizvod
  • Detoxification of the body (heavy metals, pesticides, toxins)
  • Helps inactivate free radicals
  • It helps in transforming and inactivate radioactive Cs and Sr
  • Maintains blood alkalinity ph 7,35 – 7,45
  • Neutralize allergens from food and drink
  • Maintains immune system stable
  • It helps in the interpretation of sand and stones from the kidney
  • Helps to mitigate the effects of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis

powder for skin 200 gr

Zeolit puder
  • It helps in removing acne scars
  • Prevents aging of the skin, tightens skin and reduces wrinkles
  • It helps in eliminating herpes
  • It regulates perspiration and eliminates odor leg

  • Helps reduce swelling and pain of mosquito bites
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi

  • Helps to remove acne and pimples
  • It helps to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles
  • Helps in removing herpes
  • Helps regulate sweating and remove unpleasant odor of legs
  • Helps to reduce isola and pain in burns and bites of insects
  • Helps to heal wounds
  • It helps prevent the spread of fungi, bacteria and viruses …
  • Can be used by all categories of consumers and diabetics
  • Removes plaque from the teeth (plaque, stones) and increases their luster
  • Prevents the spread of paradontosis and the occurrence of gingivitis
  • Stops the bleeding of the gums
  • Prevents the formation of fungal and bacterial infections
  • Refreshes breath