Zeo medic – About us


Company ZEO-MEDIC Ltd. was founded in 1991. Under the original name INDUSTRO INZENERING Ltd. with core manufacturing process equipment. Through its activities, among other products,  manufacture, reconstruct and assemble equipment for processing of mineral raw materials including zeolites. Since 1994. The company is engaged in processing of zeolite in cooperation with the Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials, as moisture absorber for production thermoinsulated glass and absorber of ammonia in wastewater treatment.

Since 1995. the Company has begun processing natural zeolite for animal husbandry and agriculture preparing facility and production equipment as per their own concept.

In 2009. INDUSTRO INZENJERING Ltd with Vukusic family founded the company ZEOLINK Ltd processing zeolite for agriculture, animal husbandry and environmental protection, won a number of attractive products and has become one of the dominant companies in the field.

Through the introduction of useful properties of zeolites in medicine, dietetics and cosmetics, with great interest and market demand for effective products to improve the health of people, the enterprise INDUSTRO ENGINEERING Ltd. started the production of dietary and cosmetic products in 2013 year. by name ZEO-MEDIC Ltd.

ZEO-MEDIC Ltd, in order to achieve guaranteed top quality, establishes cooperation with Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Military Medical Academy and other highly qualified institutions.

Today ZEO-MEDIC Ltd. has well organized manufacture of dietary and cosmetic products,
with a capacity over 20000 kg and a tendency to further increase capacity and range.

In order to meet customer requirements and to provide evidence of production quality and
safe dietary supplements, ZEO-MEDIC Ltd. its production carried out in accordance with the
requirements of CODEX ALIMMENTARIUSA CAC / RCP 1969, rev. 04/2013 respecting all the steps and principles of HACCP-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points..

Compliance with legal regulations, the efficient and effective operation, is controlled by the  international certification body TUV Austria.

ZEO-MEDIC Ltd. in cooperation with the Clinic for rehabilitation “Dr Miroslav Zotović” in Belgrade, carried out clinical tests on our finished products.

Until now, published a preliminary study “Evaluation of the therapeutic effect was on the lowering of lipids in the blood” in our finished products called “micronized zeolite clinoptilolite-activated dietary product.”

During the study of action of the preparations “micronised zeolite clinoptilolite – ACTIVATED dietary product” to lower blood sugar levels in the blood.