Dr. Christian Knapitsch, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist and Prof. Mag. Zigfrid Schmolzer, a sports scientist: a study involving 24 competitors, showed sensational results: zeolite has a unique ability to reduce lactate concentration. After we performed lactate tests with athletes who participated in this study, we found that the group that took activated zeolite significantly improved sports results with significantly lower levels of lactate compared to the placebo group. This shows that the continuous use of active zeolites improves and significantly improves sporting results.

Primarius Dr Volfgang Thoma, Private Clinic Phyllis: Tests have been published to several hundred respondents. The main component is activated zeolite clinoptilolite, which indicates the ability of a very large reduction of free radicals, which strengthens the immune system, especially in free athletes.

Mag. Zigfrid Schmolzer, a sports scientist: The results of the research were very convincing. I personally have not yet found a product or dietary supplement that has such a positive reaction as activated zeolite.