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If you are also a user of zeolite which is produced by the ZEO-MEDIC company, we would appreciate you sending us your experience. In that way a much bigger picture of zeolite use will be gained. We will try to inform you about all important facts related to zeolite.
Your Zeo Medic

My name is Milica Kovačev and in this way I would like to share my experience with zeolite.

32 years ago after my first delivery I got psoriasis that has not withdrawn. A few years later, after a long stay at sea, I noticed improvement. Soon after came the second birth and psoriasis returned. 10 years ago I had bile surgery.

I would like to point out that I am a hairdresser by profession and at my workplace I am exposed to traspiration of different products that are used for hair. That influences my state of health further.

I started drinking zeolite 3 years ago and since then I drink regularly. I have been drinking the zeolite produced by your company for 2 years without a break and stiring one teaspoon in 2 dl of water and drinking it after breakfast or lunch. I only pause if taking medicine. All my family members drink zeolite too! Ever since I started drinking zeolite I have been feeling more vital, I have more energy, I am more relaxed, and as for Psoriasis-it has almost completely
withdrawn, my skin is velvety, smooth, regenerates better, red dots are disappearing. I am very pleased!!!

I recommend to all of my customers to drink zeolite regularly because after a longer or shorter time period they will definitely feel improvement.

Milica Kovachev, 58 years old


Backo Petrovo Selo

I had been a smoker for 30 years. I had big problems with hemorrhoids and indigestion. That is why I have been drinking zeolite for 2 and a half years, one teaspoon in the moring and in the evening. Already after a month and a half of using zeolite digestion and hemorrhoids have considerably improved.

I love eating spicy foodand it does not cause me problems anymore, I do not even have heartburn. I am more energized and during winter I go swimming regularly. I noticed that ever since I started drinkong zeolite my nails have got stronger. I have also regulated my body weight.

Dragan Milanovic
agricultural engineer
50 years old

I want to share my experience with zeolite with you. In March of 2014 I gave blood for analysis, and the value for cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose were increased.

Bad cholesterol: 6.4, triglycerides 2.1, Glucose: 6.7. After that I started drinking zeolite. I have to point out that I have not changed my diet. In October of 2014, I again got a blood test and the results were within normal limits:

cholesterol 4.42, triglycerides 0.77, glucose 5.7. Since I have started drinking zeolite I feel better, I'm more mobile, have more energy, I don’t exhaust myself! I would recommend drinking zeolite to anyone who has these problems!

Stana Tolimir
Retired forestry technician
65 years old

I am sending you my zeolite experience , which I have been using for half a year. My diagnosis is autoimmune thyroiditis – Hashimoto. Before taking zeolite my TPO antibodies were about 1700, TSH about 5 and CRP 23!

After six months TPO antibodies have been reduced to 140, TSH to 2 and CDE 3!

I feel like amazing improvement has been made, my energy is restored, there is no more fatigue,
drowsiness in the afternoon, and so on. I feel great. I take a teaspoon of zeolite 3 times a day.

Thank you and continue with the excellent work!

Graduated physicist
37 years old

I am from Titel. I am a driver and I am 57 years old. Since December 2013 I have been drinking zeolite twice a day.

On my left arm muscle I had a mole that has changed size and become black with red rim around the edges. Within 3 months it normalized.

Due to work and sleep in the cabin of the truck, I had a very bad dream and I had to drink medicines for the nerves in order to fall asleep.

Since I have started drinking zeolite, my sleep is restored and normalized, so I feel very good.
I would recommend zeolite to everyone

Pavle Hrubik
Phone. : 0642569370

I had a carcinoma of my left brast discovered over a year ago. The doctors suggested surgery. The carcinoma was 19 mm in size.

I had used teas and apricot kernel for some time and it had reduced to 17 mm.
I have been using zeolite for a year and at my last check-in it was confirmed that the carcinoma skrunk to 2 mm. After starting to use zeolite I have been going to check-ups every 3 months and the carcinoma was being reduced by 3 mm.

I no longer have kidney sand. My younger daughter, who is 27 years old, had a cyst in the breast. She used zeolite and the cyst is gone.

I am delighted and would recommend zeolite to everyone..

Jagoda Simić
Retired social worker

I am a math teacher. In February this year, I had a severe viral infection of the respiratory tract. After three boxes of medicine and I still had a fever which lasted for months.

All analyzes were neat but I still had a temperature of 37.4 in May. I heard of zeolite from a friend and decide to try it. After a month of using it the temperature has gone and now I feel good.

My mother got the same virus, except she had complications and ended up in hospital with severe pneumonia. The virus left her with low amounts of oxygen in the blood (70%). The doctor told her that this is
permanent, there is no drug that will increase the oxygen level in her system and prescribed her a medicine that
will maintain the current level. He also told her to come to terms with the fact that she will have to use this drug
for the rest of her life. I brought her zeolite and at the chechk-up, after two months of using zeolite, her oxygen
level was 90%.

The doctor was amazed and told her to continue drinking whatever she was drinking.
Now my whole family drinks zeolite and we feel great!

Milena Milanovic
Math teacher
e-mail: milena.milanovic560@gmail.com

About two months ago I sterted using zeolite which you produce. I am now drinking a second package of 800gr. I solved the problem of dry skin. In fact, I kept having dandruff, even after using body milk.

I put it on cuts and on the face-for cleansing of blackheads. regulate digestion, healed eczema which was in my ear and wasn’t able to cure with medicine.

It seems to me that it also reduces cellulite, although I have been physically inactive a month ago. I feel like I have more energy and I feel less fatigue.

e-mail : sbibic@beotel.net

I have been using zeolite for a long time and I simply love it.

I no longer go to the doctor , there are no cysts and bacteria. Excess blood sugar is gone, cholesterol is back to normal.

There is only health!!!

I drank one teaspoon daily with plenty of water. When improvements appeared I drink it preventively 3-4 times a day.

I will always have immense positive opinion about zeolite. If someone wants to exchange experiences they can call me, 063/343208.

Forever grateful

I take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment tobring zolite onto our market, which I has helped me to solve some of my health problems. I will start with a benign problem, which gave me a lot of trouble.

Ever since I was seventeen years I had problems with sweating and feet odor. For years I've used various creams as canesten, various powders and sprays against the problem, but to no avail. Then I read that zeolite successfully removes fungi, so I decided to try it.

Every day in the morning and evening after washing my feet I sprinkled zeolite on them, in the morning I sprinkledand then put on socks andI alsosprinkled the inside of my shoes with zeolite. Believe it or not after seven days it all withdrew, I have no problems with feet, which as far as I am concerned is a miracle, and for two years I have not had any problems.

Another problem I had which is not so benignan is pyorrhea from which I suffer no matter how and with what I was brush my teeth, the gums were retreating. So three years ago I had to operate my in order to try and save my teeth.

The dentist (who is also my friend) told me that he saved my teeth for seven or eight years and to gradually start preparing money for artificial teeth. A year and a half ago I started to brush my teeth, instead of regular toothpaste,only with zeolite, and then a miracle happened again, at the check-up that.

I have done a few months ago my dentist was amazed that my gums were restored and looked great. Apparently zeolite did its work. With this letter I wanted to thank you for helping me resolve my health issues and I also wanted to share my experiences with people who have similar problems.

In hopes for you to share my experiences with other people, I send warm-hearted greetings to you!

Milos Savicevic
Association to help patients with cancer, "Faith in
Life"(Vera u zivot)
55 years old
064/99 77 425

My name is Silvana Miladinovic, I live in Sremski Karlovci and I have been woring at the clinical center in Novi Sad for a long time. I am a mother of three and suffer from autoimmune disease lupus. I should also mention that both of my kidneys are failing, my biggest problem was that swelling of my feet was not going down and no
doctor could help. I had difficulty walking.

Thanks to my parents I came across zeolite and started drinking it, preventevely 2 times a day. After a few days of use the swelling of my feet was gone and my energy was back, I no longer felt fatigue nor dificulty for normal functioning.

I can also say that I was reborn because of zeolite and I would recommend using it because it cures. I can also add that concerning my primary disease It regulated my picture, because my leukocytes were very
low during the 3 years since the disease appeared. Now my leukocytes and blood picture are great, which have not been for the past 3 years.

Another thing I want to mention, I happened to me that my legs canceled and during normal walking I would fall. That does not happen anymore, and most importantly for 3 years my autoimmune analysis were positive, now using zeolite they are negative.

With respect
Silvana Miladinovic
e-mail: silvanasekamiladinovic@gmail.com

I found out about zeolite through a family friend and I decided to drink it. At the last regular check-up I had triglycerides 17. I bought zeolite and started taking a single scoop 3 times a day.

After exactly one month I went to a check-up again and after having done some tests I found out that my triglycerides went down to one (1), ie. NORMAL. U stull use zeolite, a scoop every morning. Triglyceride level is still one (1).

In addition, I felt a change in the omnipresent sense and also with indigestion.
I have recommended it to friends, and now through this e-mail I would recommend it to all who are interested in their health.

With respect
Kovačević Bojan
e-mail : kocanbgd74@gmail.com

I had colon carcinoma surgery ( 50cm were cut off). I had stomach bloating, bloody stool, I was very tense and nervous. Then I heard about zeolite and started using it.

I have been using zeolite for a year, a teaspoon every morning. I drink a box of 800gr. zeolite and then take a break of 7 days.

Since I have been drinking zeolite I do not have those problems, I feel great and I am no longer tense.

Dušan Tramošljanin
Retired cook in a restaurant of JAT
Tel. : 064/563 84 01

Respected Sir,

When I bought your products a few months ago, I explained what I needed it for, I had a constant decline in immunity and herpes throughout the spine. I could not make a small route of 100meters without
stopping 10 times. For almost 6 years I have used the preparations for strengthening the immune system that I
can not say that did not help, but it's not even close to zeolite.

I accidentally heard about zeolite from a neighbor that is already your customer. I must tell you that I had a serious operation of breast cancer. I had hormone cancer and 15 lymph nodes removed out of which 13 nodes were positive, so I had 6 Red chemotherapy and 47 radiations.

I drank Cytostatic for six years, so it is no wonder that my health was much impaired.
I am writing this way because I want to say that zeolite is a miracle. Herpes has not appeared and it is the third
month since i started drinking zeolite, and the herpes scars are almost not visible since I put the powder
directly on the skin. I move much better, I go to the market and without gatting so tired. Zeolite also helps
regulate high blood pressure, so I reduced the large amount of drug intake which I took even out of therapy
since my regular did not help.

I have recommended to my friends to start drinking zeolite and a lot of them have. I gave business cards to my friends at Oncology because I am sure it will feel better like me. In this way I want to thank you for
existing and for inabling us who were seriosly ill to buy zeolite at affordable prices.

I also want to tell you that my daughter ,who is 23 yearsold, had acne on her face and back and has began drinking zeolite and putting it on her skin. Her acne is almost completely gone. There is not a place
she did not visit for her skin problems and nothing helped. Because of the treatments, cleaning and aggressive products, scars were made which started to slowly retreat, and it is all thanks to your recommendation that zeolite powder should be applied directly to the place of scars and acne.

Best Regards
your users
Stanka Ristić i Milica Bjelovuk

e-mail : bjelovuk77@gmail.com

My name is George Pajic, I am 52 years old and a month ago I had kidney removal surgery because of a tumor. I was subjected to a three-month treatment because of allergies created by the tumor.

My back and thighs were covered by urticaria. Examining my abdomen the doctors found a tumor.

It was 6 cm in diameter and was removed by surgery. During the allergy treatment in the last 3 months I had received 50 injections and took a lot of drugs against allergies. After the operation, I was informed to use zeolite. Until then I had no previous knowledge about zeolite. I have been using zeolite for a month. Using your zeolite I
have noticed following improvements:

1. Wounds heal nice and fast, which was concluded even by the surgeon who operated on me,

2. 2. I had received 50 injections and took a lot of pills before surgery because of the allergies caused by the tumor. The result was itching and rashes on the skin. Zeolite removed weals in 10 days and significantly reduced ithcing and sweating.

3. Under-eye bags are gone, the skin is tightened and has the right color,

4. I stopped smoking 8 months ago. Using zeolite I coughed up secretion from the lungs. Using zeolite for washing my teeth the yellow color and scale were gone

5. Skin strata has peeled off from the soles and leg odor is gone, and later after spraying footwear with zeolite the bad smell was gone there too

6. I noticed that my sense of smell and taste has improved, like it used to be, and I sense the smell and the taste of food better

7. After an operation, it is normal for there to be a period of constipation troublesome function of the urinary system, tingling, pain, more frequent urination. Using zeolite everything was sorted in 7 days: neat and normal stool, normal urination with full stream, without tingling and pain in the urinary tract and bladder,

8. Being 52 years old it is normal to have a slightly enlarged prostate. That problem too was solved by zeolite. There is no more painful urination and libido is also improved,

9. Zeolite generally detoxified my body. I feel great despite the difficult operation I had.
I have continued to use zeolite and my wife uses it preventively.

I would recommend everyone to do so. God has given us this treasure, let’s use it and protect
ourselves from toxins from water, food and air. I would be happy to share my experience with anyone who wants it!

Đorđe Pajić
e-mail : djole2103@live.com

After a stressful family situation I had fallen into depression which lasted for a year. I couldn’t sleep and I performed all my tasks listlessly and without any enthusiasm. I felt awful. My son is an athlete and
with using zeolite he did not have a sore muscle inflammation. I started using zeolite too and after 15 days I felt much better: my mood has improved, insomnia is gone, and all work is done with a lot of energy, cheerfulness and in a lot better mood.

I want to thank Zeo-Medic and the Djordjevic family who produce zeolite at affordable prices, so that it is available to everyone. With only two applications zeolite cured herpes, and my friend cured viral warts. My blood picture has also improved and liver tests that were raised are now after 2 months of using zeolite normal. Ever since my family has stated using zeolite too. When I go somewhere as I guest I bring a box of zeolite instead of coffee. It is more useful. Try it and see for yourself.

With respect,
Zorica Đuranović , nurse
e-mail : zorica.djuranovic1@gmail.com

Dear all,

We'd like to share with you our positive experience with zeolite that you produce. Firstly I’d like to say that everyone in the family drinks zeolite. Already after one week of consumption, everyone noticed a new state of their organism.

Fatigue is gone, the body is relaxed, the nervous system is relieved, the sleep is much nicer.
My father , 69 years old, was trying to get rid of small kidney stones, which was very painful and followed by great pain from the kidney through the small stomach all the way to the exit. Now with zeolite he feels they are thrown out. He had a pus pocket on his tooth which disappeared after a few days. My mom had jumps of blood pressure despite taking medication, now that is gone too.

Viral warts which she had on her neck disappeared. Her skin is beautiful, silky. My wife and I had
problems with stomach gasses for years after bile surgery. Intestines were constantly howling, but since we drink zeolite that is gone too. Digestion works perfectly. When his wife who drinks cytostatic repairs are complete blood count that i'm a doctor stunned. When it comes to my wife, who drinks cytostatic, her blood picture has completely improved and even the doctor was stunned.

It removes tartar from teeth.I would like to thank dear God and the Djordjevic family who have
enabled us to use this invaluable mineral at a cheap cost. We drink it twice a day, one teaspoon in 2 dl of water.

Very soon our friends at home and abroad have started using zeolite too.

Best regards,
General manager
Belgrade Serbia
Mob. 061/1687157
e-meil : office@gradskipopusti.com

Dear family Djordjevic,

I would use this opportunity to send my story to anyone who has any health problems and do not know how to help themselves. My case is a bit complicated, so I'll start from the beginning.

In 2007 god. it was established that I had thyroid cancer. The operation was successful. In February 2008 therapy with radioactive iodine was supposed to be done. That had a strong negative effect on my body. After the therapy I was not better, moreover, new symptoms appeared.

My body was very sensitive to radiation. I was feeling worse day by day. To things worde, in May
2008 I had a car accident in which I suffered a neck injury, in fact, all cervical vertebrae were cracked and a nerve between the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae was damaged.

The first symptoms were unbearable dizziness, frailty, vomiting, nausea, inability to walk, and many more. I still had not recovered from surgery and radiation, and this accident completely disabled me permanently. 6 months after the accident, the doctors concluded that I also got fibromyalgia – a disease of the central
nervous system.

Symptoms are pain throughout the body 24 hours a day, general infirmity and weakness,
severe dizziness, neck stiffness, nausea and many more symptoms. Terrible depression, anxiety, panic attacks, feeling of suffocation started, and I just was not able to live a normal life.

Doctors had determined permanent disability. Because I lived in Canada at the time, I was able to order any product from any country in the world. I tried countless products and drugs but nothing helped. However, sometimes something did help, but it lasted very short and in general, there were no improvements. The symptoms were back again, and I was becoming weaker and weaker as time went by.

When I lost all hope, my sister pesuaded me and I started using zeolite. After only a week, I felt
improvement, but I was not cheerful yet because I thought it was just a momentary reaction. As the days went by, I felt better and better. The symptoms that I had for 6 years began to disappear literally day by day.

During the first month I had severe reactions. Firstly, I had neck pain where I was most irradiated, also headaches, I had a reaction in the kidneys, because I had had a problem with kidney stones. I had a severe reaction and joints and muscles pain for a week, and then it was gone. I am 49 years old but I have the energy of a 20 year old. Day by day I was waking up a healthier woman and finally after 3 months of using zeolite I do not feel as If I am the same person anymore.

Now I can do all physical work, I drive, I do not get dizzy, I have no more pain in the joints and
throughout the body. I do not have problems with nausea and stomach and there are no more panic attacks and anxiety.

But most importantly I have strength and energy. The positive sentiment returned after 6 years and it is a miracle. I feel completely healthy. I will never stop using zeolite. Now everyone in the family uses it and they
felt improvement after only 3 weeks.

A big thank you and greetings from Dragana Vukovic

Dear ZeoMedic,

For 8 years I had high triglycerides. I was not getting any treatment. Triglycerides were constantly increasing, and when the level reached 4.9 the doctor had prescribed therapy to me. I had been taking my medicine for a month and after that my triglycerides were 4.8.

Having seen that there were no positive effects I stopped taking them and started taking care of my diet. And yet the results were not satisfactory. A year ago I had a problem with diarrhea and on the recommendation of an acquaintance I started using zeolite. In a few days diarrhea stopped.

I continued to use zeolite, one teaspoon a day. Shortly after I started using zeolite, I gave blood for analysis and then triglyceride level began to decrease. This year in March was the last time I drew blood and my
triglyceride levels were 1.84 mmol / l. I still drink zeolite and I feel good.

Neven Kranjčević
43 years old
Mechanical engineer

Four years ago my thyroid gland was removed and ever since then I have had problems with digestion, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, high cholesterol and triglycerides. I had a heart disease therefore, among other things, water was retained in my body.

I have been drinking natural zeolite for a year and during that time my digestion has improved greatly. Triglycerides and cholesterol are within normal limits. My blood pressure has lowered. The level of other hormones has regulated. I urinate more often and there is less retained water in my body. I feel better!

Marija Đukić
56 years old
Retired chemical technician

Dear all,

I would like to share with you my experience with zeolite of many years. I started using zeolite regularly in 2008 after colon polyp surgery. After a year of using natural zeolite I attended a colonoscopy and the surgeon was surprised, because he did not see the scar from surgery. I also had a fatty liver. On MRI the doctor saw that there
was only a remaining mass strip on the liver ,2cm wide and only in one place. He was surprised and asked me what I had been drinking. I told him I was using zeolite 3- 4 teaspoons which are stired in 0.5 liters of water and are drunk during the day.

Ii also control tumor markers regularly and they are always within normal limits. Besides zeolite I drink tea and take care of my diet. My blood pressure is good. I regularly go to cardiology examinations-EKG and cardiac stress test. All the results are good.

I am full of energy. I can walk a couple of miles without rest. I regularly help my grandson with German ad other school subjects. I read thousands of pages of books a year.

I say to everyone that zeolite is my elixir of life.


Dear all,

I would like to share with you my experience with your product- zeolite. Six years ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis-L40, which was spread out on my back, elbows and head. I heard about your product- zeolite, bought it and started using it. I have been drinking it for a year and a half, 1gram 5 times a day. Psoriasis has completely
withdrawn. I feel great! I still drink your zeolite!

I would recommend your zeolite to anyone who had this

Andrija Ilic
55 years old
Security guard

Dear mister Djordjevicu,

I would like to thank you for persuadinf me to drink zeolite. Before I started to drink it, I had high cholesterol – 03.07, and triglycerides – 3.3. After a month of using zeolite, my cholesterol has dropped to 6.3, and
triglycerides to 1:34. I had a fat the size of a hazelnut on my right forearm, which disappeared after two months. I also noticed that my gums do not bleed when brushing teeth, and thatmy teeth have strengthened, as I suffer from periodontotis.

I am still using zeolite and would recommend it to anyone that has similar problems.

Damir Miličić
e-mail : damircmilicic@gmai

I had an eye infection, my eye was tearing up, I putzeolite on that part and in the morning everything was good(eye inflammation was retreating). Psoriatic changes on the skin and sores I also removed with zeolite. I also had a problem with my blood picture. Iron was between 7-8 and after using all sorts of products it remained the
same. Since I started taking zeolite, after a certain amount of time, the iron increased to 19.8. 140 hemoglobin and erythrocytes 4.8 × 10 to the 12th.

I had kidney sand for about 30 years and after using zeolite, on my last ultrasound there was none left. My bile is now completely clean, despite having been full of impurity. The thyroid gland was overactive, but is now alright. Osteoporosis was -3,9- high risk of fracture of the lumbar spine, and is now -3.0. For the femur It was -2.7,and now is -1.1. No therapy has helped me, only zeolite was able to improve my state.

I also had gynecological problems, ovarian cysts, a small wound on the cervix and incontinence. Everything regenerated. At the ultrasound you can see that the tissue and mucous membrane have regenerated, and I
no longer have problems with incontinence. I went to head and carodit ultrasound. Carotids are fully viable and everything is fine.

I have been drinking zeolite for 2 years and would recommend it to everyone.

Ljiljana Karić
60 years old

I founf out about your product on television and bought in a health food store. For years I have had kidney and liver cysts. I drank a quantity of 800gr. and went on a check-up at the doctor’s, where I was told that the
number of kidney and liver cysts has decreased.

My prostate is in much better state! I keep all the results before and after using zeoite in one folder.

Ever since I have started drinking zeolite I felt much better, I have more energy, I can work more and I get tired less easily.

Zeolite has helped me a lot!

Milisav Uskoković
62 years old
Economic technician
060/44 22 966

I finally found- bought zeolite of 800grams. We have been using it for 15 days. Improvements in the field of sleep, I sleep like a baby, increased energy levels, improved digestion, no more bloating, general condition
of the body at a higher level … we will continue. Greetings to the Zeo-medic team!

Ivan Mladenović
e-mail : ivanslovenacsloki@gmail.com

I would like to use this opportunity to tell you about the health issue that I had. I had kindey stone the diameter of 3-5mm and sand stone. I got zeolite as a gift 6 months ago and I have been using it since.

I drink it once a day a teaspoon, usually in the evening. I don’t have kidney stone anymore.
My daughet uses zeolite for pimples and weight. It pleases her, and she succeeded in losing some weight.

Arpad Kermec

064/851 25 17

When someone like me in their “best period of life which are the 50s” goes to a check-up at the doctor’s, I mean those basic laboratory tests, is often surprised to by high cholesterol, blood sugar, despite not feeling any
uneasiness. I would like to pride upon that last week I received my results which are within normal limits, starting from cholesterol to triglycerides. I am gloating to you too even though you are not my family nor closer relatives, but you are friends of my health(and, indirectly, mine) because I drink zeolite which is produced at “Zeomedic”.

I stir it in a glass of water in the morning because I red somwhere that it, among other things,
reduces the acidity of the body, which is very important later in the day when we start, well most of us, drinking tons of coffee, stopping by the bakery and buying a bagel, a roll or a croissant to satisfy the hunger until lunch.

Let me get back to the check-up of which results I am very pleased. I even did, what the ordinary people call stress test for diabetes, considering that my doctor wanted to check propensity for diabetes and- it went well. You can imagine how terrible it was to drink a full glass of water, sweetened with an enormous amount of
sugar, but "I survived," and I was not as nauseous as some patients around me at the Clinical Center.

My sugar levels which at the beginning, before drinking sweetened water, were 4.2. After half an hour rose to 7.1 and after 2 more hours went down to 6.7. My doctor comforted me saying that it happens with everyone who eats a piece of cake so those whose pancreas is not functioning properly have a problem.

Fortunately I am not among them and my blood pressure was good at 90/125. But to shorten
and not bother you. I will continue to toast with a glass of stired zeolite with my household for a good morning. I greet you and promise to check in after the next control.

I am counting on “NASI SMO” so it is fine.

Milica Stevanovic from Belgrade

My name is Miodrag Markovic, I am 63 years old, by profession I am a graphic artist. Years back I have had problems with kidneys and urination. While filming in Vinca it was established that I had kidney stone size of
43mm, because of which my kidney lowered. I urinated 25-33 times a day! I had a tingling,, pain, a constant feeling of pressure and the need to urinate. It was agonizing! I heard about zeolite and started using it around 6 months ago. I drink it 3 times a day a teaspoon.

At the check-up they told me that the stone has reduced to 20 mm. I feel good, urinate 5-7 times a day, I have no more pain, tingling, pressure and other complications that I had had.

Blood tests and urine tests showed that all parameters are normal, even urine culture.
I am very pleased, I live nicer and more comfotably. I recommend it to anyone with this or similar problem.

Miodrag Markovic
Graphic artist
63 years old

Radojka Vujcic, housewife. I am 60 years old. Using your product I have been able to solve many health issues. First I had candida, kidney stone and sand, high blood pressure and so on. I have cured these by consuming this product by your prescription and would recommend it to everyone.

Whoever has these or similar problems would not do wrong by taking this product.

Best regards.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I do not know how much it would mean to you to read the impressions about zeolite of an artist, a student of the final year of master studies for the conservation of the frescoes, but here I take the opportunity to write to
you why every other night or morning I drink a teaspoon of "Zeomedic’s" zeolite stired in a big glass of water.

Especially when I'm working in the field or at the university.

First of all, I picked the zolite produced by your company because 2 years ago in a health food store I ask for a bigger zeolite package before the road, s I was preparing for a two-month stay in one of Sumadija’s monastery where I had the practice with my colleagues. A big box of 800 grams enough for 2 months, of a shape easily packed in a travel bag, at the bottom. If you're wondering what a conservator needs zeolite for I would liike to clarify that while working I use powerful chemicals and solvents, which evaporate and end up in my nose and lungs.

Reading about zeolite I realized that it is perfect for such occasions. Collects toxins from the body and disposes them immediately. Just what I need. It was the same last year when I worked in monasteries in Kosovo, where there is the additional fear of depleted uranium that we received as a "gift" from the sky in 1999. In a conversation with the monks and people from church, I realized that they were aware of the beneficial properties of zeolite and many use it from time to time.

I see that Not so long ago you have made a finer-ground option which is easily stired in water and has a new altered packaging, but this packaging alsois convenient for me to pack in my bag.

Strahinja Popovic, Belgrade

As I am familiar with the word Zeolit, I have been using your product for a few months now.

I felt worn-out, I had headaches, high blood pressure,lipids in the blood, stabbing chest pain, ringing in the ears, disturbed sleep… after a few months of using zeolite the difference is like Heaven and Hell. I feel like a boy, I sleep like a baby. My heart is grateful and I want to thank you in this way and and of course in my own way too PUBLICLY!

Anyways I am a musician and behind me is my army of fans, and I intend to ask them to buy not YOUR but OUR ptoduct. I also did an adequate commercial in order to direct everyone in Montenegro and anywhere that I have an audience towards ZEOLITE which is now a part of the family.

I buy zeolite when I come to Serbia. When it comes to you and your company I have only two words to say: THANK YOU!

An entertainer,
Vukman Vučko Belojević
e-mail : vukman.belojevic@hotmail.com
Podgorica, Montenegro

For years I have had problems with lower leg veins. I had surgery 2 times. The wounds on the lower legs were huge and were constantly festering. My toenails were falling off. I was not able to walk. I have been using
zeolite for 14 months.The first 5 months I drank it 2 times a day and at the beginning I ha some pain. I have been
putting zeolite on my legs for a year.

The wounds are almost healed. My toenails keep growing. I am vital! I move! I am a different man 90%! I use only zeolite and will be using it for the rest of my life!

I would recommend it to anyone, don’t have doubts, use it!

Selimir Marković
53 years old

I have had diabetes for 20 years. Before that I had all my teeth removed, probably because of high blood sugar. At the beginning it was 7, yhen 8,9…

I got the medication but I did not drink it regularly. My blood sugar rose to 22. 4 years ago I bought zeolite of 800 grams. After that I moved on to the 200grams one and I drink 6 grams of it 3 times a day . I also take medication. My blood sugar is now 7. Lipids and cholesterol are normal. I feel great.

A relative of mine studies in Nis and took zeolite to her professor and he told her that it was good. She and her mother also drink zeolite, the one of 200 grams.

Lazarević Đorđija
70 years old

I have been drinking zeolite for 2 months. At first it was for cleansing, by the recommendation of a friend. I had blood pressure which went up and down and I felt very bad. Ever since I started drinking zeolite I no longer feel big blood pressure changes, no shivering. Before that I drew blood and had blood sugar of 12, 13(I drank herbs).

After a few months I stopped using anything, and then I started drinking zeolite. My blood sugar is now 5,2: lipids are normal, Fe(iron) is now fine, and I have always been anemic.

Pešović Zlatija
83 godine