Removes heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, which are particularly well reflected in the better functioning of the nervous system, even in people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, autism or more
Inactivates a large amount of free radicals, thus protecting the body from premature aging, which especially affects the nervous, cardiovascular and hormonal more
Malignant cells are significantly more acidic than healthy cells and its acidity spread around starting to self-reproduce more
Zeolite clinoptilolite may affect the establishment of an optimal immune status, as would be in human clinical practice, this means thus contribute to improving the general state of the organism and its defense more
Zeolite clinoptilolite blocks viral replication by adsorbing viral particles and micron more
Zeolite clinoptilolite reduces the power of allergens from food, drink and general environment.
Neutralize allergens, before the immune system starts to react to more
Zeolite clinoptilolite positive influence on sleep and sleep patterns. It raises the level of happiness hormone serotonin in the brain-contributing to a better mood and reduce depression. Zeolite clinoptilolite relieves symptoms of more
Zeolite clinoptilolite, increases the bone density by increasing the proliferation and differentiation of the osteoblast more
Contributes to lowering the level of glucose in the blood and prevents diabetes more
Returns lipid levels to more
Zeolite clinoptilolite harmonize and improve the work of the endocrine glands, especially the activity of the lymph more
acidic environment is suitable for the growth and propagation of the virus, bacteria and fungi. The average human diet contains too much meat, of sucrose, which results in acidification of the more
Zeolite clinoptilolite for its ion exchange capacity may change the content of ions and the pH level in the body, which contributes to the protection of the digestive system. It also stimulates resorption of nutrients, improves the efficiency of the normal flora in the digestive more
Zeolite clinoptilolite relieves and eliminates the negative effects after conducting chemo or more
Zeolite clinoptilolite can I oral use (to drink) used as a powder for the more
The increased amount of alcohol in the blood disrupts the normal biological processes, and the most unfavorable affects the ability of the liver to detoxify the more