ZEO-MEDIC toothpaste is a completely natural toothpaste. Contains a high percentage of high-quality zeolites and natural essential oils. It contains no artificial colors or flavors, does not contain fluoride.It does not contain animal origin.The natural zeolite used in toothpaste production is of the highest quality: It has a high percentage of clinoptilolite 90-95%, high cation exchange capacity over 180meq / 100g, average particle size 5μm. The high content of essential oils of mint and sage disinfect the oral cavity and maintain fresh breath throughout the day.

Put a certain amount of paste on a dry toothbrush. Gently massage your teeth and gums. The toothbrush should be super soft. Toothpaste use before the expiration date printed on the tube and on the outer carton.

  • Reducing and stopping gum defects
  • Preventing gum withdrawal
  • Removing dental deposits and increasing their shine
  • Prevention of fungal and bacterial infections of the oral cavity
  • Caries prevention
  • Refreshing breath
  • Natural zeolite-clinoptilolite prevents bleeding andswelling , removes plaque from the teeth
  • Sage essential oil is preventing a bacterial infection, strengthens gums, breath refreshing
  • Etaric oil mint soothes pain, prevents bacterial infections, cools and refreshes breath during the day